Monday, September 17, 2012

The Kid Is Trying To Kill Me With Embarrassment

OK, like I said in my last post, Nolan is toilet training.  This is just one of his embarrassing moments.

Nolan had an accident (the third or fourth of the afternoon) and I was debating just putting him in a diaper and being done with it.  I had removed his wet shorts and he was running around bare-assed because he refused to go upstairs to get a clean pair of undies or a diaper.  Any way, he was running around bare-assed when someone knocked at the door.  I thought it might be a day home client's Mom so I ran to the door with half naked Nolan right on my heels.  I saw it was the charity Plan (fostering children in Africa).  I went outside and shut the front door in the hopes that Nolan would stay inside and not flash the neighbourhood.  Didn't quite happen the way I planned.

Mr. Naked Bum finally decided to open the door and come outside to be with me.  I picked him up trying to cut down on the amount of people seeing his tally-whacker hanging in the breezes and swung him onto my hip with my hand trying to cover his tush with my hand.  He looks up at me with a crazy, scheming grin and says, "You feel my nuts on you Mom!"  I almost dropped him as I doubled over howling in laughter.  The two guys from Plan stood there briefly dumbfounded before cracking up too.  The one doing all the talking finally said, "That has just made my day!"  I just stood there wishing the porch would open up and swallow me whole.

Now, how do I teach a 4 year old to filter?

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