Saturday, August 15, 2009

California in a Nut Shell

It's just been HOPPING around here! We've just enjoyed our first major vacation since our honeymoon (other than visiting family). We did Disney Land, San Diego and San Francisco with a 7 year old, a 4 year old and an 11 month old. And to add to our adventure/loonacy, we DROVE from Stony Plain, Alberta Canada to, and through, California USA! WHAT WERE WE THINKING!?!?!?

OK, seriously, it wasn't all bad. Nathan took his big brother duties to a new level. He held Nolan's bottles and fed him his little puffs and sang and made funny faces and was just a huge asset in the back seat. Nicholas would have done more to help too if he hadn't been on the other side of the car.

California was a RIOT! We rode all the rides we wanted to, burned to a crisp on our one day on the beach, had an emergency room visit, had to drive in circles to bypass a Gay Rights Parade, narrowly avoided getting into a fist fight in the Sea World parking lot, drank an ocean of water to prevent dehydration and only truly terrorized the boys once in 2 weeks.

We played really good Canadian tourists and visited all the big name attractions. The only one we considered but didn't do was Alcatraz. It would have cost us an arm and a leg plus they were booked solid for almost a week. I spoke with another traveller who tried to get tickets on a Monday or Tuesday and didn't get on until the following Sunday. We only spent 2 days in San Francisco so we were SOL on that one. I wasn't too disappointed though...the price was a little high for my tastes.

All in all we had a great vacation. The munchkins charmed their way through California with their big blue eyes, cheesy grins, and mischievous natures. Even at their most annoying (to me anyways LOL) people around us told me they were fabulous and they should be cherished. It made me realize I gave birth to some pretty neat kids. Maybe I'll keep them for a while longer. Maybe...

'Til next time folks!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Now how do I explain this delicately?

I was at the grocery store with the munchkins and roaming the aisles close to the pharmacy. As we strolled past the 'Intimate' section, Nathan picks up a box with flames all over it and the word Hot listed on it. It was a box of condoms extolling their great feel and how hot your sex life will be. Of course Nathan had no clue what this box contained, he was just facinated by the flames on the box and the few words he could actually read.

In what I would describe as a loud voice, Nathan asked if the contents of the box were hot or spicy. What else could he assume? There were flames so it MUST be hot. I was trying not to laugh as my mind went into the gutter and I was thinking dirty thoughts about how spicy the contents can make one's life. Nathan was under the impression that the contents were edible. I tried to be subtle and only answer what was asked but that wasn't going to fly with Nathan. I didn't want to explain what was in the box at quite that moment as there were other people around but Nathan was persistant. He's good at being persistant.

So I found myself having to explain what I didn't want to explain right at that moment. I tried to be delicate but it still sounded crude. My explaination went along the lines of, "Honey, what you picked up was a box of condoms. When a man and a woman have sex, they can put a condom on the man's penis so his 'seeds' won't get inside the woman and make a baby.

Well, didn't Nathan's face turn a delightful shade of red. LOL Poor kid! I don't think he knew whether to be grossed out or laugh. He made a funny face, giggled nervously then looked a little grossed out. LOL His reaction kind of made my day as I hadn't laughed much by that point. He hasn't said anything else about it since.

My poor kid...Traumatized in the grocery store. LOL

Welcome To My New Home

This is my new blog completely dedicated to the goofiness, craziness, and fun of my life. I'm hoping to keep this funny and light and positive.

There is much too much negativity around us that we need some happiness around here.

Come back again to share in my looney life.